eAgile’s eSigma™ RFID Solution provides unique item level serialization for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical filling and packaging lines. eSigma is the only “turn-key” solution available that can handle the full data package of uniquely serialized encoding, including lot and expiry, at line speeds of up to 600 units per minute.

eSigma along with eAgile’s RFID integrated vial and syringe labels or eSeal® caps puts your organization ahead of current regulations with end-to-end supply chain visibility at the unit of use. The eSigma solution allows for direct stocking of your products into RFID pharmacy cabinets bringing visibility within milli-seconds, eliminating manual tagging-up or time-consuming bar code scanning.

Track and trace, product recall and anti-diversion programs powered by eSigma enhance patient safety, secure your brand and provide unprecedented visibility from manufacture to administration while differentiating your products from competitors.

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