At the heart of a complete RFID system, eAgile’s data collection software uses the latest RFID technology to allow RFID reads to be combined with existing ERP and back-end systems to enhance functionality. The middleware will provide object and event data along with an intuitive device management interface and a robust RTLS Infrastructure application.

RTLS Infrastructure

  • Creates logic between RFID infrastructure and business rules
  • Establish track-and-trace functionality
  • Build custom maps and zones to visualize object location

Device Management

  • Create and deploy processes bases on templates
  • Update device drivers and service bundles
  • Manage and configure agents
  • Push notifications of system alerts

Fixed and Mobile Agents

  • Real-time data processing and filtering
  • Easy connectivity to routed networks
  • Run multiple mobile scenarios on or offline
  • Load, run and buffer mobile apps from local server
eAgile Software