eAgile Awarded Patent for RFID Technology Breakthrough

eAgile Awarded Patent for RFID Technology Breakthrough
New eSync System Eliminates Errors and Vastly Improves Quality for Healthcare and Other Applications

Grand Rapids, MI – February 6, 2014 eAgile, Inc., a global leader in radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, announced today the U.S. Patent Office has granted a patent for the company’s eSync™ technology. eSync™ has been proven to solve many of the vexing problems which have plagued the RFID industry for years by identifying individual RFID tags then, in real time, uniquely encoding and validating data to a 99.9999% degree of accuracy. eSync™ provides the backbone for RFID systems where error-free tag encoding is crucial; even in high-speed, high volume processes where dense tag populations often contribute to undetected errors.

“We have implemented eSync to produce millions of RFID tagged products and our clients are seeing quality levels greater than Six Sigma,” stated Gary Burns, CEO of eAgile. “The technology has been extensively tested worldwide and has proven itself under the most demanding quality standards.”
eSync™ customers can expect to gain the following benefits:

  • Data Precision and Accuracy. The eSync™ system verifies with current systems and is immediately ready to ensure key data is properly encoded and collected by IT systems.
  • Visibility. Every eSync™ tagged asset bears its own secure and unique ID for e-pedigree or regulatory compliance and can be individually tracked and located throughout the organization or supply chain.
  • RFID Simplification. Large volumes of new or previously barcoded assets can be quickly and accurately converted to RFID using eSync™ without the need to purchase new and often expensive infrastructure.

“eSync is perfect for highly demanding applications such as healthcare or pharmaceuticals where performance and accuracy are imperative,” said Peter Phaneuf, President of eAgile. “We are now working with major RFID clients who want their existing RFID systems to be powered by eSync.”

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