eAgile Attains Distinct Certification

eAgile Attains Distinct Certification

January 30, 2013, Grand Rapids, MI — eAgile, Inc. announced today the organization has achieved one of the broadest ISO 9001:2008 certifications within the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) industry. On January 24, 2013 eAgile received formal registration approval and is now officially recognized as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company applicable to the design and manufacture of electronic RFID tags and custom labels including RFID based hardware and software products. eAgile’s Quality Management System (QMS) was assessed by an independent accredited registrar against the requirements of national and international standards for quality. This certification validates eAgile’s commitment to quality and affirms it has thoroughly documented its quality processes while meeting the stringent qualifications for the global ISO 9001:2008 standard.

“This is an important milestone for eAgile” said Gary Burns, CEO of eAgile. “We have always been known for our ability to produce high quality inlays and RFID tags now this certification validates that we apply the same stringent quality standards to our software and hardware solutions.”

The ISO 9001:2008 certification validates the effectiveness of the critical focus that eAgile has placed on meeting its customer’s needs by producing and delivering quality engineered RFID tags, hardware and software in a timely manner.

“This certification illustrates our commitment to quality at all levels of our organization,” stated Peter Phaneuf, President of eAgile. “Both customers and prospective customers alike need to be confident they are doing business with a world-class organization that can consistently meet or exceed their expectations. Successfully completing the rigorous processes required for ISO 9001:2008 Certification is tangible evidence of eAgile’s commitment to not only maintain what has been established but will act as a guide as we evolve along with the RFID industry.”

eAgile operates a vertically integrated manufacturing facility where they design, test, and manufacture a wide variety of RFID products and solutions for a broad spectrum of markets. eAgile’s extensive on-site printing, conversion, personalization and encoding capabilities delivers auto identification products worldwide. The founders of eAgile, Gary Burns and Peter Phaneuf, have been innovating in the field of RFID for over ten years and their products have earned several international patents and top honors in the industry.

About eAgile Inc.
eAgile, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sets the industry standard in RFID solutions by providing high quality, cost effective auto identification products, hardware and software solutions that are finely tuned to customer needs. From tag conversion and data management software to building a complete RFID infrastructure, eAgile is unmatched in their expertise and capabilities. An unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, service and providing customer focused solutions drives every aspect of the business and has helped establish eAgile as a technological leader. Find out more at www.eAgile.com.