eAgile Announces The Production Launch of the eSeal RFID Solution for Sealed Caps and Closures

eAgile Announces The Production Launch of the eSeal RFID Solution for Sealed Caps and Closures

Multi-Million Unit Deployment Validates Benefits of RFID Enabled Closures to Combine Safety, Traceability and Brand Protection

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan and ZURICH, Switzerland (January 26, 2016) – eAgile Inc. (eAgile.com/eSeal), a global leader in radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, announces the successful high-volume production launch of the eSeal heat induction solution. eSeal is the first turnkey solution engineered to integrate the benefits of RFID into the billions of caps and closures consumed by the over-the-counter pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and chemical manufacturers.

The production launch of eSeal follows pilot runs at multiple facilities where millions of RFID-enabled closures were introduced to the supply chain. “In today’s world, consumers are demanding safety, especially as it relates to healthcare products. Similarly, brand owners and everyone in the supply chain want to provide the safest products possible. eSeal has proven to establish an unprecedented level of security and authenticity in one easy-to-implement solution,” stated Gary Burns, CEO of eAgile. “Having deployed eSeal at a significant scale, a full array of supply-chain management benefits were provided from the visibility gained by item level tagging. In addition, we achieved the client’s goals of anti-diversion and enhanced security.”

Working as a stand-alone or in conjunction with current security technologies, eSeal integrates a uniquely encoded RFID inlay between the closure and the seal of the product. The final deliverable is a complete cap and seal which is easily substituted into current production equipment. eAgile’s Integration services complete the system by installing RFID hardware and middleware software to provide relevant data to current ERP or data management applications at strategic locations throughout the supply chain.

“Customers are amazed at how quickly eAgile is able to integrate the eSeal solution within their facilities. The benefits are delivered and the business case is validated almost immediately. eAgile’s tagline is ‘RFID Made Easy’ and we use this to guide our solutions development as well as our on-site integration strategy,” explained Peter Phaneuf, President of eAgile. “eSeal does more than protect against counterfeiting and product diversion: it provides our clients the ability to refocus efforts back onto core business activities.”

eSeal is proving invaluable to stakeholders at all levels and feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Real-time information gathered by the integrated system is used for anti-diversion applications, supply-chain management and product availability within distribution centers and retailers. eAgile is now focusing on enhancing brand interaction opportunities by linking consumers and their NFC-enabled smartphones to authentication-, expiration-, and dosing-information along with re-purchase and promotional opportunities.

eSeal is the latest technology release to leverage eAgile’s intellectual property portfolio which includes eSync—a data management package controlling the synchronization of RFID encoding to printed barcodes and serialization at a market-leading 99.99975% accuracy—and over 20 other issued US and international patents and filings. This commitment has led to industry-recognized milestones including one of the world’s largest on-going RFID-based asset tracking programs.

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eAgile, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, sets the standard in RFID solutions by providing high-quality, cost-effective auto-identification products finely tuned to customer needs. eAgile has one of the broadest ISO 9001:2008 certifications covering tag production, data management software and the building of complete RFID infrastructures. Learn more about eSeal and view a product demonstration video at www.eAgile.com/eSeal.