eAgile Acquires Medical Labeling Company

eAgile Acquires Medical Labeling Company to provide RFID-enabled Healthcare Solutions

February 4, 2011, Grand Rapids, MI – eAgile Inc., a leader in Automatic Identification products, recently acquired a medical labeling company to increase offerings of RFID solutions to healthcare industries. The acquisition positions eAgile as a leader in medical and pharmaceutical labeling. This full line of medical labels can withstand unique healthcare environments, and now these medical product lines have been augmented with RFID technology to comply with new governmental requirements, such as FDA’s ePedigree track and trace requirements. With this acquisition, eAgile now offers a wide range of RFID-enabled medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical solutions.

Key member of eAgile’s management team, Gary Burns and Peter Phaneuf, have been innovators in RFID for over ten years. RFID technology traditionally has been used in supply chain and logistics applications to provide real-time data on the location and movement of items and pallets. But eAgile recognizes that RFID has enormous potential for error reduction and data validation in the healthcare and the food supply industries. Gary Burns stated, “While error reduction in many industries means saving money, error reduction in healthcare can mean saving lives. This acquisition allows eAgile to innovate and advance RFID technology for a critically important purpose.”

eAgile healthcare solutions can help pharmaceutical industries secure their supply chain and protect against counterfeiting, assist labs in tracking specimens and validating variable data, and provide hospitals with reliable real-time tracking for assets, patients, and files. “Our high quality printing and conversion capabilities and proprietary encoding processes create labels and solutions you can trust with your products and patients” explained eAgile President Peter Phaneuf, “and our products are fully customizable so the applications are endless.”

This acquisition adds medical label specialized knowledge to the RFID expertise of eAgile. eAgile’s repeated success at providing high quality, low cost RFID solutions has fueled continual expansion. eAgile now occupies a 40,000 square foot, vertically integrated manufacturing facility with a test and demonstration center. The company offers a full line of UHF, HF, LF, and NFC products along with RFID software and hardware solutions. “This is an important acquisition for eAgile,” Burns added, “and we are pleased to announce our increased capacity to design and manufacture top-of-the-line healthcare RFID solutions.”

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