Avery Honors eAgile

eAgile honored by Avery Dennison RFID for Contributing to Sale of One Billionth Tag

January 4, 2012, Grand Rapids, MI – eAgile Inc., an industry-leading provider of a wide range of RFID products, was recently recognized by Avery Dennison RFID for playing a key role in reaching an industry milestone. In 2011, Avery Dennison announced the shipment of one billion Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) tags. This industry first was propelled by the expansion of applications for UHF tags and RFID generally. Once used primarily for supply chain and logistics, RFID technology is now revolutionizing the healthcare, retail, government, and marketing industries.

eAgile has been an important player in the expansion of the RFID market. Their vertically integrated manufacturing facility ensures high quality, low cost products and their proprietary encoding processes provide error reduction and data validation that it unmatched in the marketplace. eAgile offers a full line of UHF, HF, LF, and NFC tags, RFID hardware and software and provides total integration and data management solutions.

Avery Dennison RFID executives honored this contribution by presenting an award of “sincere appreciation” to eAgile CEO Gary Burns and President Peter Phaneuf at eAgile headquarters. Gary Burns said, “We are pleased to accept this award. As a major convertor for Avery inlays, eAgile is always striving to expand the reach and increase the quality of RFID products. Avery’s recognition of our contribution is appreciated. We look forward to the future of this partnership.” eAgile, formerly RF IDentics, was once a division of Avery Dennison. Today, the independently owned and operated company maintains a close relationship with Avery Dennison, partnering on several initiatives to bring RFID to new markets.

The sale of the billionth Avery UHF inlay is one of many signs of exponential growth of RFID technology. Gary Burns explained, “Companies in a wide range of markets are turning to RFID to communicate with consumers, manage information, provide real-time data, and reduce errors. We are seeing a proliferation of beneficial applications, and eAgile has positioned itself to provide customized RFID solutions for everything from NFC markets campaigns to lab specimen tracking.” With such rapid expansion, eAgile and Avery Dennison are focused on the future and the two billionth tag.

About eAgile Inc.
eAgile drives market standards in RFID solutions by providing high quality, cost effective products that are finely tuned to customer needs. From tag conversion and data management software to building a complete RFID infrastructure, eAgile has unmatched expertise and capabilities. eAgile’s commitment to innovation and quality drives every aspect of the business and has helped establish the company as a technological leader. Find out more at www.eAgile.com.